The main reasons I am writing this article is because I want to talk about Priority Boarding on airlines. You can select this option after you have put in all your details on the airline’s website and you must make sure that you have a valid passport and it must be in date.

Both airlines have the same carry on baggage allowance. Aer Lingus will normally let you bring on board a handbag, briefcase or personal item. Ryanair will only allow you to bring one bag per person unless you book Priority Boarding in advance. I have seen people who have forgotten to book the priority boarding in advance and they have to pay extra money at the boarding gate.

Ryanair offer priority boarding for three or four euro per person per flight.

A lot of people who have additional needs board the flight first and exit last. 

When flying with these airlines always check the baggage and taxes price as it can change the price.

Things we need to take with us.

  1. Shorts
  2. T-Shirts
  3. Passport
  4. Flight tickets for departure and return.
  5. Light hoody.
  6. Two Pin Round Adaptors
  7. Money and credit cards
  8. Tissues and wipes
  9. Transfer details
  10. Hotel Confirmation
  11. Sun Factor
  12. After Sun
  13. Wheelchair Confirmation
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Suntan lotion
  16. Camera
  17. Phone Charger
  18. Tablet
  19. Razor Charger
  20. Electric Toothbrush + Charger
  21. MUM