David and I just had the best holiday. Loved it all. Just wish more families with a young man like David could experience this type of holiday.

What did I do for this holiday in regard to research as we had never been to Lanzarote before? I did nothing.

I went into a travel agent with a budget (Allan will be happy to know!) Explained everything I wanted for David and myself from a holiday and it was granted.

Sarah from East Cork Travel had contacted the airline to let them know that David was flying with them and needed assistance from the door of Cork airport to the door of Lanzarote’s airport and we got it. Ryanair even had a wheelchair on board if he needed it!! (I know I couldn’t believe it either) The crew on board the flight were absolutely fantastic as were the staff in Cork and Lanzarote airport.

As this was a 3.45-hour flight I was a little apprehensive how David would find travelling that long, but with the help of staff, he had a great flight and no stress for me either.

After suffering a few injuries last year I knew I was at risk lifting the wheelchair and it was a huge worry to me, however, Sarah had done her research and had put me in contact with a company in Lanzarote who rented electronic wheelchairs. The electronic wheelchair arrived in reception approx. 40 minutes after we arrived, perfect.

We stayed in the Costa Sal apartments in Puerto del Carmen which is wheelchair accessible and David was able to motor around at his own pace.

We found that most places near the hotel were wheelchair accessible so we head out for a stroll most days. The hotel also offered €25 half board a day which we took advantage of. As the staff got to know David they welcomed him with open arms. The guy in charge of the entertainment John couldn’t do enough for David and included him in everything including he was the referee for a number of activities. This gave me that precious hour in the afternoon to read a book and chill out and watch David from afar.

My advice for a great holiday, go to a travel agency. Find someone reliable. It doesn’t cost much more than booking it yourself and at the end of the day, you need a hassle-free holiday too.

At the end of our holiday, I ask David to write an article about his experience but he told me he is not doing any work for a while as he needs to rest after his holiday.

Roll on next year.