“Everything changes, and nothing stands still.”― Heraclitus

Everything changes and most of us are thrown into a world of change, which can be frightening, challenging and exciting. Whichever way you look it, it’s going to be a new beginning for all of us. I prefer to look at it like this rather than saying it’s the “new normal”.

I am always asked, “does David like change” but now I ask “do I?” I felt I did like change, but now that it is forced upon me, I feel a little bit different about it. We have no choice, so let’s make the most out of it.

For me, I love the work I do and thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. Meeting parents, seeing David’s interaction with parents, seeing his confidence grow, meeting organisers of charity’s and seeing how they want to help families. It gave me great insight and hope for the future. I thoroughly enjoyed it all, and you can imagine the pressure and preparation that goes into the workshop before you sit down. And believe me, the drama if things go wrong! (we were lucky as it rarely happened – but we do have a few stories to share some time with you, one being we forgot David wheelchair !!!).

Now that has all changed for me due to Covid-19.

So now our children have to face change, and after months of being at home, they will now return to school. David started back in Rehab Care a few weeks ago, and I was worried about how the new norm would affect him. There was no need for me to worry as David has always been tackling change. All his life, everything changed for him whether he liked it or not, but this is why I think Covid-19 has impacted him less than my other children.

So now I can say everything does change and sometimes maybe even for the better. We have no choice but, for now, to go with it. Like David, I hope your children cope better than we give them credit for and they embrace the new beginning.

Talk soon,