I finished school in June 2015.  I have now started a course in The National Learning Centre in Hollyhill.  The course that I am doing is a Directions Programme.  The course provides people with more independence.  Before I started my course  I had to go for an interview to tell the people there about myself and what results  I got in my exams.

The course provides people with social and work related skills and helps them achieve more independence and the course also involves community integration.   I am finding my course excellent and the course is providing me with as much independence as possible. We are waiting for a standard electronic wheelchair to come

National Learning Network provides a range of training courses to people who want to be more independent and to move on with their career and their life.  I am happy with the programme and I am more independent

Thursday Afternoon and Friday mornings involve Community based activities where the Directions Group are doing various things in and around Cork City.  A community integration planning sheet is given to the group where the people must fill in where they want to go and what they want to do.  There are lots of options available to the group.  The course is more independent and way better then school.