Irish society at the moment is burden with debt and financial difficulties. I come across all different types of people from various backgrounds who are struggling to cope and get a head financial. All of them are blaming someone, government, Anglo, banks, sub prime mortgages. But the reality is that if you are not were you want to be financially then there is only one person to blame and that is YOU.

Golden Rule Number 1…..You got to spend less than you earn.

You might think I am talking down to you or treating you like a kid. However, this is the first rule most people consistently break. What I am saying here is that it doesn’t matter if you earn €10,000 per year, €100,000 per year or a million. If you spend more than you earn you will always be poor.

Golden Rule Number 2 ……Pay for everything out of savings.

Sounds obvious. If you want to purchase an item great, buy it. If you need to borrow money for this purchase then do NOT buy it. WHY because you cannot afford it. Don’t kid yourself on that you are worth it and sure it is only €50 a week. If you can’t buy it out of savings then I am telling you to wait. Save €100 or €150 each week and before you know it you have the money to purchase it outright. Strange thing is after saving so hard you might change your mind. Then again you might not so go ahead you have my blessing, purchase that item because you now deserve it.

Golden Rule Number 3……………. Make a budget plan.

As Roy Keane famously said if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Before you set on your journey to become financial secure you first need to find out were all your money is going each week. A budget has an amazing effect in showing you how easy it is to waste your money. Each month you must look at your bank statement and figure out if you are living within your means or living way outside of reality.

Allan Matthew Cuthbert t/a Financial Wellbeing is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to advice on Mortgage,Savings, Life and Pension products