I have just completed a, professional certificated course in the “therapeutic use of  mindfulness” in Cork, run by Padraig O’Morain.

I feel as a carer, with a busy life and a very busy mind, this was of great help to me. To me mindfulness is being in the moment and focusing on you breathing and the surroundings that we find ourselves in right now, without judgement or critisium …… just to let it be, “it is what it is” as the saying goes. No dwelling on the past or future, just now.

Being a carer or working with children with additional needs can be one of the most rewarding gifts in this life, however it can be very taxing both on a  physical and mental level and we all need time to still our minds and relax.

Mindfulness can help with sleeping, exercise, working, or just being with your child just now and accepting life as it is in the present moment.

Mindfulness involves maintaining awareness about what is going on, whatever that might be.

I found it a great tool to use and am benefiting from it every day.

If you wish you can email pomorain@gmx.com to receive your “Daily Bell” on mindfulness it’s just a little reminder sent to you every day with a thought or little method used to bring you back to the present.

Enjoy the summer.