Yes, the parade is on this year and we can’t wait to celebrate. If you, like myself and David, love going to the parade I must tell you what worked for us (after years of stress!!). This was in Cork City, and I’m very hopeful it can happen in your county too.

I phoned the city hall in Cork and explained I had a young man with different abilities who is a wheelchair user and would like to attend the parade with his mother and a friend who also attends the National Learning Network. I was put through to a Patricks Day Event Coordinator in the City Hall, (up till then I didn’t know this existed in Cork) spoke to a lovely lady who took our names and details and booked us in a designated area for people with different abilities and told us roughly what time to attend.

On the day, we left early to get a wheelchair space and arrived at the designated area, which was blocked off on Patrick Street right in front of the passing parade. We met with another lovely lady who had a list of attendees in her book. She ticked us off and brought forward a seat for me and David’s friend. She came over to us a few times to see where we ok during the parade. There was only, I guess a certain number of places available, and it was booked in advance.

For David, there was no pushing, shoving, or saying excuse me every time I moved the wheelchair. It was very comfortable and fun (it didn’t even rain on the day!)

David was able to totally enjoy the day and see the floats passing easily.

So, if you are venturing to a parade on the 17th, give the city hall in your county a call. You never know this could be in your part of the world too. Great service and well done to all involved.