Healthy Heart DoloresAs parents it is of utmost important that you look after yourself and your health; you need to be as good both mentally and physically as you can be.

I know from experience the additional pressure & stress I can be under from going to appointment after appointment, ringing for basic services for David and getting the push around. All this I know is having an effect on my health.

I also have a family and I am conscious that I should try and look after my health so I can be there for everyone.

So what have you done for your heart today? If you expect it to work properly you have to look after it.

A few tips I Try !!! to live by:

Eat more fruit and vegetables- are you getting 5 a day

Watch your salt intake – this can be hard as salt seems to be in all foods.

Serve dressing and sauces on the side of the dish.

Stem, grill, poach and oven bake

Gentle exercise.

Reduce caffeine.


Rest & recover, all us Carers have to be ready for the next day, it is not a 9-5 job!

Most importantly try and look for ways to relieve stress.  Situations and people may not change but you can. And most importantly ask for time, seek out which organisations or family members can help you.

We are quick to bring our children in for their check-ups and appointment and slow to book ourselves in. So do have regular check-ups with your doctor to make sure you are staying healthy.

Have a great Valentine’s Day and remember look after your heart not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

By Dolores.♥