Lockdown is nearly over. I like the rest of you cannot wait to go to the hairdresser OMG will it ever come soon enough!! A friend of mine is a beautician and she is now saying “I’m a Beautician, not a Magician”. I don’t care what is happening on the 3rd of July but I am getting my hair done and going out, I don’t know where or how but even if I can only walk around town I am doing it on that day.

During Lockdown we had a few tiring days in our house but David was in great form for 97% of the time and this made the experience easier for all. Actually, it made us realise how much fun David is and how we enjoy being in his company. I am so blessed to have him in my life as I am with my twins.

I did a quick calculation and there are less than nine weeks to September when we all are hoping life is pretty much back to normal and all our children are back to school, respite, day centres or whatever is normal for us all.

Summer is only starting, let’s look at the different stages of reopening and see how we can enjoy it this year in Ireland. I know we all have to be careful as the virus has not gone away and we do have to take our own safety and responsibilities into view.

We have beautiful parks, beaches and woods in Ireland why not explore them, I know, I know…. some of them are not wheelchair accessible but there are a few that do work. Check them out online and phone if you can the local authority just to make sure. It can be a great day out with a picnic before coming home.

So, with the 9 weeks in mind until September, would it be possible for you to think of 9 places you could visit that you would enjoy, safely.

Have a think, just pause a moment and dream a little and see is there something new that you can do or like me go back to somewhere you really enjoyed a few years ago and make the most of the final phases of the lockdown.

Let’s get out there and live again.