Inspired are delighted to announce that they are officially relocating to a much larger premises in January 2021. The new premises will be located in Basin view, right in the heart of Tralee town. Over the past year management and members of the board have been working diligently to find a suitable location for their growing organisation.

Chairperson Donie O’Keeffe said, “Our programs offer unique learning opportunities with smaller ratios to support young adolescents with mild to moderate disabilities. Our participants follow a person-centred and customised plan for achievement. Their individual programs focus upon academic enhancement, career development, employment and community engagement, so demand for placement is growing year on year.”

At Inspired everyone is encouraged and empowered to act as self-advocates and to further enhance their self-determination by careful selection of their preferred program.

True to this ethos, over the past couple of weeks participants at Inspired have decided to embark on their own interior design campaign. They are currently developing mood boards, to showcase their own design ideas, suggestions and colour schemes for each room of the new premises. “We are flooded with unique design ideas, suggestions on layout and purchase of new equipment or recycling old furnishings. The ideas and suggestions have been truly spectacular, participants have been combing “Pinterest” and using paint cards to provide visuals of their designs”, says Inspired Manager Liz Maher. “After all their input is of most importance and we are so delighted with the level of engagement and excitement about the future of the entire organisation”.