One of our families contact us recently and ask us to let other families know that they were hit with a bill of €3,500 from their child’s in-app purchase on iTunes. Their appeals fell on deaf ears and Apple refuses to refund any of their son’s purchases.

Obviously, their son had no idea he was racking up a bill and by the time the parents found out it was too late. All correspondence was going to the son’s email address, and he can’t read.

Double check if any of the devices your child has are they enabled to make purchases and which are connected to your bank accounts or credit cards. It is so easy to get caught out and last year we had another family report her their daughter made numerous calls to premium phone lines that caught the parents for a heft bill too.

This is another reason why we suggest setting up your child’s Special Needs Bank Account? Why? If the bank notices any unusual transactions, they can put a stop on the card. Also, we would hope that after attending one of our webinars/workshops you would see the reason why you should not have a lot of money built up in your child’s accounts.

These things happen so please be vigilant. We can only do our best and even ourselves as responsible adults get caught out sometimes.