Hope one and all are enjoying the sunshine. What’s happening to Ireland?? We may never have to travel to the sunshine again.

I received a great response to my last article with regard to my holiday with David. Since then so many people have suggested other places to go in Lanzarote and directed me to a wonderful website for anyone travelling with a disability.

Also, I had great information from a mother travelling with her child with Autism. Ever heard of “Important flyer.” This is a wristband or lanyard, given to children who are flying with a condition/disability that you may not notice. The lady who contacted me with this information said it made the holiday for her and her family so much easier and would highly recommend it.

Her son has autism and with this important flyer lanyard, staff automatically understand in the airport without question. They went through customs straight away (as the child would find it hard to queue for a long time). Also, the staff on board the aeroplane had a complete understanding of the situation, without the parents saying anything.  I have attached the link below for your attention. It sounds like a fantastic idea. Especially as not all disabilities are visible.


Disabled holidays “travel without limits” this website is for holidays in Ireland, UK and cruises. Check out this website with loads of ideas. http://www.disabledaccessholidays.com/

This is a link to wheelchair holidays for the I.W.A https://www.iwa.ie/services/holidays/accessible-holidays

Another link for holidays in Ireland and beyond https://www.disabledholidays.com/search/uk-l23/ireland-l28/

Enable holidays is another great website. https://www.enableholidays.com/

Holidays should be a hassle-free break. Don’t take it to chance. Put everything in place as you and I know, it’s only a holiday when our children are happy.

So it looks like, there is so much more to explore.

Let the holidays begin.