Why is it important to exercise, no matter what ability you have its
important for your heart health to try and exercise regularly.

Exercise also
helps to improve your coordination and improve your mood and feel
better about yourself.

Here are some tips.

First meet with your physical therapist and they will help you to come
up with a plan that is safe for you
1.      Go to the gym more often and do your workout.  This helps to build
up your strength and is good for your muscles.
2.      Swimming is a great exercise that most people can do; even if you
can’t swim you can still exercise in the water.
3.      Lifting light weighs at home or in the gym is important for your
arms and it is good for your muscles and start off easy to avoid
pulling a muscle.
4.      Start the activity slowly, maybe 2 days a week and then build up more
5.      Enjoy exercise, make it regular
6.      Always exercise in a safe and well lit place
7.      Try and bring a friend with you
8.      Don’t give up try your best
9.      Think of more things to do for good health.

I hope these tips are useful for you for good health and to build up
your strength as this will help you to be more independent.


Thank you for reading these tips and I hope you will go to the gym more often during the year.