In an emergency what do you do if one of your children has an accident?

I was in this situation last year, one of my twins Sean had a bad accident and had to be rushed from school to a local medical centre, I received the call from the principal of the school to meet him there.  David my son with special needs (some people call it additional needs, whichever you choose is fine with me) was at home with me with a chest infection.  Thankfully David was dressed and we both rushed to the medical centre. Sean needed to be brought to A&E, but where was I to bring David?

I panicked a bit and couldn’t think straight. It was a working day, everyone I knew I felt was working and even though I have good friends, I felt lost and didn’t know where to turn or whom to ask for help. To make a long story short, I sorted it out, but I could have made it easier on myself.

I’ve now got an Emergency Plan and please I would ask you to do the same if you have a child with special needs.

Have your own Emergency plan:

Ask a member of your family, a neighbour or friend, that if an accident or an unforeseen event happens that you are going to contact them. Let them know if they are minding your child with additional needs, what needs to happen (medication, how to keep them safe, entertained, etc).

THEN HAVE PLAN B, ask someone else as well, that if an emergency happens can you contact them.

In the hysterics of the event, you need to have a plan (a call to action), you do not need to see who you can turn to at the time of need, you must put the plan in place now.

Do it, just ask someone, but ask them now in the unfortunate event of an accident. You will need your mind clear at the time and not also asking yourself, what do I do? Who can I contact?

People want to help, but they won’t if you don’t ask them!!