Over the years I have discovered something very interesting. Getting out of debt and living with in your means has 25% to do with practical information and 75% to do with mindset. I know you might think I’m getting a bit deep here but it is true.

I meet a wide range of special needs parents on a weekly basis and it is amazing how I can tell within minutes whether or not someone will be able to fund a proper special needs trust. Some will never get out of debts, paying banks, credit card companies and creditors thousands over their life time in interest, penalty charges because they can’t take control.

On the other hand the majority of parents I meet are serious about leaving their child with special needs a lump sum of money in their trust.  It like switching a light on inside them and they just make the changes and reduce the financial stress in their lives.

One area that also fascinates me is that most people I meet do not think that their mortgage is a debt. Try not paying your mortgage for a few months and you soon know who owns your house and it ain’t you!