From my experience it is unusual for a child under 16 to have their own Free Travel Pass unless they are visually impaired.When your child turns 16 and qualifies for Disability Allowance then they will receive their own Free Travel Pass.

As parents are aware when you are in receipt of Career’s Allowance then you will also receive a Free Travel Pass for the Career.

A Free Travel Pass allows the holder to use all State public transport (Bus Éireann or Iarnród Éireann & Dublin’s LUAS) without charge. You can travel on a number of services that are operated by private bus companies but you need to check this out before you travel. There are no restrictions on the times at which you can use your Travel Pass.

If you qualify for a Free Travel Pass but you are unable to travel alone for medical reasons, you may get a Companion Free Travel Pass which allows a person over the age of 16 years to accompany you, free of charge.

For any queries on Free Travel Pass or Companion Free Travel Pass then contact the Department of Social Protection on 071 919 3313.


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