For many parents, getting through their day-to-day challenges is more than enough. Planning for their retirement seems less important, and a long way off, so they tend to put it to the back of their minds. However, you’ve probably not given it a thought, but it is worth noting that you are in a unique situation when it comes to retirement.

For most of my families I help, I notice there is generally only one parent contributing to a pension, but it is highly likely that there could be three people living off the pension (parent, spouse and adult child with additional needs).

I feel that parents don’t realise what is coming down the road at retirement time.

With this in mind, I have produced a new booklet for parents “Special Needs Pensions” and intend to make it free to download for all parents until the end of the month.

Here are a few of the areas I cover in the booklet

  • State Pension
  • Main reasons for having a pension
  • Different types of pensions
  • When to start your pension
  • Pros & cons of having a pension
  • How to choose your funds
  • Hidden pension charges
  • Retirement options
  • Pension and tax implications
  • How your entitlements change when you retire
  • What happens to pensions when you pass away

I hope this booklet gives you lots of helpful information to help you make the right financial decisions regarding retirement. I firmly believe that the better you as a parent are financially in later life, the more you can leave to your child’s Trust.

Click here to download the full booklet