Financial Wellbeing attended THE Fermoy Action Children’s Education support group ( open day on Saturday, April 28th.  This was a great event for parents wishing to find out more about our service, the work of FACE and the various services they help co-ordinate.

The group’s aim is to offer assistance and a social outlet to teenagers with conditions including dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD, asperger spectrum, autism and sensory processing disorder.

The open day, which was held at the Adair Hall is the latest of these events which are dedicated to helping local children with learning difficulties and their families.

A number of professionals representing a wide variety of different interest groups were also on hand to offer advice and support to parents.

These included: Aisling Drea, sports including disability officer with the Cork Sports Partnership; Valerie Mccormack, physical instructor with K2NY and representatives from Let’s Talk Speech and Language Therapy and the Stepping Ahead Clinic Occupational Therapy.

For more details about FACE contact Tom on 087 2278459 or email