Junior Cert.  I did my Junior  Cert in June 2011. The subjects I did were English Maths C.S.P.E and Home Ec. I was entitled to a scribe when doing the exams. I studied very hard for the exams. The person who is doing the exam has to read the question and tell the scribe what answer to write. You must study properly and be prepared for the examination. You have to study hard or you will not get good results.

You are also given Exam Papers to prepare you for the examination. To get yourself prepared you have to take down all your notes in class and study them every night so you will be prepared for the examination.

Leaving Cert

I did Leaving Cert Applied and I found the course very good. I got awarded the Senior Contential Language Student Of The Year Award because I am so good at Spanish

I went to school in St Colman’s Community College in Midleton.  There was a lot of students in that school. All the staff were very nice

I would like to wish all the students the very best of luck in their exams this month