Entitlement Booklet Update – By Allan

I have updated our 2021 Entitlement Booklet in the hope that some parents start the New Year with a bit extra in their back pockets.

Some of the new updates are you can work up to 18.5-hours per week (previously it was 15-hrs), and potentially claim Carer’s Allowance or Carer’s Benefit. A little change that has helped some of my families.

A similar rule change has occurred for Carer’s Support Grant (previously called Respite Care Grant). If your child receives Disability Allowance, and one parent is not working over 18.5-hours per week outside the family home, you can now apply to receive this non-means tested entitlement. The Carer just has to complete the CSG1 form and send it to the department.

In Budget 2021, the Carer’s Support Grant will increase by €150 from €1,700 to €1,850 per year from June 2021.

Don’t forget that all parents in receipt of Carer’s Allowance or Benefits are entitled to a non-means-tested GP Visit Card. This allows you the Carer to have free GP care and pay for any subsequent medication to the maximum of the Drug Payment Scheme, which also reduces from €124 to €114 per month per family.

Hopefully, our Entitlement Booklet keeps you up to date on the small changes on entitlements. To download a free copy then click on the link


If you come across any changes to entitlements, grants or benefits then do let us know, and we can spread the word to other families.