Chrsitmas image 1Here are a few tips I picked up along the way to make Christmas more enjoyable for all the family. Let’s start with school concert.

  1. Your child is on stage, forgets their lines, sneezes, must go to the bathroom, etc, you’re beginning to sweat. STOP, smile, this happens to children without additional needs also. Chill out and have a special present for after the performance, regardless and be very proud of their achievement on the night. School concerts are tiring not only for staff but also for the children.
  2. If you are going Christmas shopping try to do this when the child is with a Carer or at school.
  3. No matter how old your child is, if they believe in Santa then bring them to visit him. I’m a firm believer in this. It makes your child happy and that to me is all that matters.
  4. If your child will not eat “greens” every day, don’t expect him/her to eat it on Christmas day, it just won’t happen and you and your child will end up stressed.
  5. Ask your child their favourite thing to do over Christmas, pantomime, cooking cookies, putting the star on the tree, watching the Late Late Toy Show and book it in the calendar and make it special.
  6. Plan, plan, plan, days out, visiting relatives, so you and your child will understand fully what you’re doing. Try and keep routine as much as possible.
  7. Plan to have a babysitter in to give you a few hours to yourself and time to treat yourself to some (me time).
  8. Ask members of your family what afternoon over Christmas they would like to take your child out.

Enjoy, relax if and when possible, take a few deep breaths and remember it’s your Christmas too so make some time for you.

It was my pleasure to meet with many fabulous parents in the last year, thank you for enhancing David and my life.  Wishing you a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter.


Till next time,

Dolores xoxox