Discretionary Medical cards are issued by the HSE and are granted due to the medical condition of a child and not the parents’ income.

I find it very frustrating to write an article around our current medical card service available in Ireland today, it is very frustrating and a complete disgrace in my opinion.

We have special need children who have lots of different needs, the least I feel any government in office should do is meet the medical needs. Those who have disabilities should at the very least have a medical card allowed to them and not to beg for a medical card as I see so many parent having to do.

Latest Press Release: The Government has reached a decision on the return of some discretionary medical cards to those who lost them as part of a controversial review process. Around 15,300 people with an acute or life-long medical condition, who lost their discretionary medical card, or GP visit card, after an eligibility review between 1 July 2011 and 31 May 2014, are to have them returned.

Discretionary Medical Card Benefits

•           Free doctor services

•           Most prescribed drugs and medicines (€2.00 prescription charge)

•           Public hospital services and medical appliances

•           Dental, optical and aural services

•           Maternity and infant care services

•           Some care services (public health nursing, social work services and other community care services)

It is very hard when you are a carer to attend meetings and rally’s as we are where we are needed, with those in our care. But I would plea with you do not give up. We all have to choose our battles and remember why we do this, it’s for our children. I feel we have to let their voices be heard through ours.

This article was prepared by Dolores Crowley. If you have a question, feel free to email dolores@financialwellbeing.ie or call 021 482 3635.