Disability access is a good thing to have for most people. Wheelchair parking spaces are for blue badge holders only.  I appreciate having this in my life.

However it really annoys me when people park in wheelchair spaces without a parking sticker and parking

on a footpath is not good because you cannot walk on the footpath and wheelchairs cannot go on the footpath.   The wheelchair would not fit on a narrow footpath.  The footpath has to be wide enough for the wheelchair so it will fit on the footpath.

Electronic wheelchairs are good for people because they will give the disabled person more independence.  A lot of places have wheelchair ramps because it is handy for wheelchairs to get into the place.  If you have a parking sticker you can park in that space.  I also appreciate having this.  I now have my new electronic wheelchair and I am managing it no problem.   You need to be more independent