Tim is our 15-year-old boy. Above are 2 amazing art pieces that are now hanging in our kitchen.  Who are any of us to say or decide, what someone is able to do. I was absolutely blown away by the art pieces and would never have believed that Tim could have produced something as good as these.

It’s all about the breakdown of the task at hand. If things are broken down and explained to us at our level, most tasks are doable. That advice applies to all of us, but for me, I now know that Tim can do most of the things that we all do, he just needs the task broken down, and the support, confidence and belief from us and he will achieve whatever he sets his mind to achieve!

In his 15 years on this crazy planet, he has undoubtedly been my greatest teacher!  Go, Tim, the world is your oyster – watch out Sotheby’s, the next greatest artist is on his way!

Proud Mum,
Nikki Curran