As wonderful, special events can be it can be a very stressful time for the whole family and your child. Unfortunately, these types of events can also bring you into contact with bossy organisers who would just wish you would disappear. I know this is an issue I face a lot with David.

There are still many venues that are inaccessible for David, my most recent experience was at a church event I attended, I was told to leave David on the altar or in the sacristy. I kindly explain to the lady in the church that David wanted to be part of the event with the group and we came to an arrangement.

A few tips I have learned throughout the years.

  • Go to the venue well in advance and explain how happy and excited your child is about this event, ask what you can do to make it an even better experience for your child.
  • Ask where will your child be sitting and what would be the best place for you to sit, where the child can see you or not?
  • Ask who will be sitting on either side of the child so you can try and prepare your child for the event.
  • Bring your child to the event/hall/church as many times as possible so he/she will know the place and also bring your child if possible when the venue is busy.
  • Tell your child where you will be sitting and how proud you are of him/she.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Remember to give extra time for little-unplanned events on the morning of the event or on the way.
  • If your child has a problem with going to the bathroom make sure you have a backup plan
  • Ask close friends or family to arrive before you and keep places for you.
  • Ask your child what he/she would like to do? What would they like to wear on the day? Etc. Go with it (as much as possible) it is their day.
  • I know it’s a big day for you too. Make sure you are ready first. Enjoy the event and delegated jobs to others.

Until next time. Dolores.