I want everyone to be aware of the new fines.

Fines for 16 road safety offences are to double from midnight 26/10/2022.

The change will see the fine for speeding increase from €80 to €160, while the penalty for mobile phone use, non-wearing of seatbelts and failing to ensure that a child is properly restrained will double from €60 to €120.

For learner drivers who drive unaccompanied, the fine will double to €160. Fines for learner novice drivers who are not displaying ‘L’ or ‘N’ plates will double to €120. The same applies for tabards in the case of motorcyclists.

Fines will also be doubled for other offences that put the safety of vulnerable road users at risk.

If you break the rules you are going to have to pay a lot of money so my advice is not to break the rules.

David Crowley