5-Question every parent should consider:

1)    Are you placing some of the income from entitlements in to a Trust? 2)    Have you decided your child’s future living arrangements? 3)    Have you started the right savings plan for the future? 4)    Does your Will, Trust & Letter of Wishes match your future wishes for your child? 5)    Have you got […]

9-Crucial Questions

The most important financial questions a parent of a child with special needs must answer YES to. Have you set up a trust and will for your child with special needs? Have you decided your child’s future living arrangements? Have you provided sufficient life cover for when you die? If you become ill long term […]

Nest Egg

Everyone needs a financial cushion for when times get tough. Families who have a child with special needs must build up a larger nest egg than is the norm. Over the last few years most families have dipped in to their emergency fund due to illness, redundancy or some unforeseen event. If your nest egg […]

My view of investing from behind the curtain

Seminars that I am going to skip in 2013 are investment seminars. Generally, you sit for about an hour listening to a clean shaven, well dressed, slick presenter telling you what investments are going to out perform all others in the coming year. I just don’t believe them and wonder how they can sleep at […]

House prices continue to crumble

Oh… how my life could have be SO different if I never bought my house in 2008! Och…. It hurts to read a report on RTE website that asking prices for homes fell by 14% last year –  prices fell by 5% in final three months of 2010. The survey was by Daft.ie. It estimated […]

Live 2011 without DEBT

The most interesting discovery I had in 2010 was the realisation that getting out of debt & living within your means has about 25% to do with practical information – and 75% to do with mindset. I know I’m getting in a bit deep here, but stick with me. In 2010, I sat down with […]

Christmas Spend

Christmas is upon us again –  Ebenezer Scrooge wants to dole out some money advice! Before you set off on your merry way to purchase all your Christmas essentials, let me suggest you should create a budget first. Nobody likes doing a budget –  but nobody likes being stressed in January when the Visa bill […]

Budget impacts on all house buyers….

Second-time buyers can count their lucky stars. However, first time buyers need to cry in their soup for not buying their house earlier in the year. There has been a substantial reduction in the rate for transfers of home property. There is now a 1% stamp duty on properties valued up to €1 million and […]

How safe are your savings?

More and more I am being asked how safe people’s savings are. I spoken about this previously but think it is worth recapping on it again. The Government Guarantee Schemes for your savings has been extended till 30th of June 2011. This is good news for all those who have savings above €100,000. If you […]