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Financial Wellbeing Terms of Business

Allan Mathew Cuthbert t/a Financial Wellbeing. These Terms of Business set out the general terms under which our firm will provide business services to you and the respective duties and responsibilities of both the firm and you in relation to such services. Please ensure that you read these terms thoroughly and if you have any […]


Let’s do something different this time, let’s make a New Year’s Resolution that lasts. Financial resolutions are often high on the list with promises of “spend less and save more”. Let me guide you on how to make it happen. The following key pointers should help make 2013 a more prosperous year. Budget 2013 The […]

Christmas Financial Tips

Christmas is coming, spirits are rising and after a tough financial year for most Irish people, I would like to share some of my best Christmas financial tips to help you. Christmas Budget Sheet* A great tool I ask my clients to use is a Christmas Budget Sheet because a little planning can make a […]

Special Needs Financial Planning

As a parent who has a child with special needs you must realise that traditional financial advice will not work for your family. Without the appropriate plan in place, you leave too much of your child’s future to chance. Financial Wellbeing unique Special Needs Financial Plan goes through every aspect a parent needs to address […]

Special Needs Saving Plans

At some stage parents must realise that their children with special needs and their own personal financial situation are tied together. By parents building their own financial security first, they will also help to create a much brighter future for all. How parents can achieve this is by taking small steps in their personal finances […]