5 Good Reasons To Get Legal Advice

When you have a child with special needs it is VITAL that you get the correct legal advice around wills, trusts and estate planning.  Good legal advice will; Maintain your child eligibility to means tested benefits Protect your child against financial predators Provide guidance on how best to support your child Protects your child’s assets […]

Research reveals increase stress level for parents

Apparently there has been recent research done with mothers of children with ASD that revealed these mothers often have stress hormone (cortisol) levels measuring similar to individuals with chronic stress and trauma such as soldiers in combat! Read the full article here https://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/aota/otpractice_vol16issue12/index.php#/9/OnePage

How would you react?

I came across this while doing some research on the internet. It is basically a hidden camera set up with actors but rather than looking for laughs, it is looking for peoples reactions to  abusive behaviour to a young man with down syndrome. You have to admire some of the people in this video for standing […]

Stay Informed

From years spent assisting parents who have children with special needs, I can only imagine and try to understand the additional pressure parents are under. If it’s not the stress of getting children to school, consultants, hospital appointments or bringing them to speech or occupational therapy, then we also have the worry of providing for […]

Play & Laughter

Came across this article in rollercoaster by Anne O’ Connor B.A. M.App.Sci. – play and laughter a child with a disability can learn, and enjoy the company of their brothers and sisters. https://www.rollercoaster.ie/Article/tabid/156/ArticleName/Siblings_and_Special_Needs/Default.aspx

The impact a disability has on the whole family

While doing some research, I came across this report by the ISPCC. It carried out research on the impact a childhood disability has on the family as a whole. Thought parents might find it interesting….. https://www.ispcc.ie/getdoc/8a796292-169a-4edf-bf18-3d25c0cf7c1f/An_Exploratory_Study_of_the_impact_of_childhood_di.aspx