CaringIf it’s one thing that really annoys and upsets me, it is in relation to people who care, the Carers of Ireland. I feel they are not being looked after at all. Everyone who is a Carer is always thinking of the person who they are caring for day and night and most carers I know are not caring for themselves at all.

If you are a carer what plan are you putting in place to look after yourself?

  • Are you eating healthy?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Are you getting a break yourself?
  • Who is helping you out?
  • Are you getting a night off?
  • Are you enjoying life?

This is your life too. If you are a Carer make plans this week to do something for yourself.

Make time for exercise even if it’s only leaving your house for  10 minute walk and coming back, that’s 20 minutes in the fresh air. Also spend 20 minutes each day doing something that you like, listening to music, reading a book, talk to a friend, this is all important.

I cannot state the importance of this as a Carer, take the time to look after yourself, everyone will benefit from it. If you feel as strongly as I do about this, let me know and if you have any tips or in an organisation that helps Carers, please let me know and I can tell other parents.