I know I go on and on about it but being a Carer for so many years and meeting so many Carers young and old, it is so rare to meet anyone who is taking care of themselves properly.

You may think you can do everything now as you are relatively young, however, ask yourself how do you keep this level up as you and your child becomes older?

Maybe there are a few changes you can make now to your life that will help you in the future. Do you need to be fitter? Eat better? Have more downtime? Have you got aches and pains? If so get them sorted now, don’t wait until they become worse. An important realisation is that we all need help so why not ask for it in 2018. Don’t wait around think the HSE or family or friends will offer, just ask them straight out.

What needs to be changed in your life so you can continue the important role of being a Carer?

Remember if you are better mentally, physically, emotionally. Then your child and family will also benefit. Write a journal of what you would like to achieve for yourself this year and review it weekly, monthly, etc. and every time you slip, get back on it again. Change is hard however it is the only way we can achieve new goals.

I have also found a reflective journal to be very helpful and look back at 2017, what could you have done better? What would you have changed if you could? What worked well? Organisation and planning are a must when you are running a home, work and have children.

My plan for 2018 is to make the most of my time and to try slip in a bit of Dolores time on my own. Any hints let me know.

Whatever your plans are for 2018, I wish you the very best and I hope to meet many more wonderful Carers as we travel around the country doing our workshops.

Till next time,