holiday suitcaseWhat would you do if you won a holiday for two in some sunny beach away from the Irish weather? First thing that comes to my mind is, YES, that’s the best news, I deserve it, I need it, Yes….then I think… Who will look after my twins but also who will I ask to look after David? Who can I turn to? Would it be easier if someone comes into my house because of all the equipment? Or would it be more convenient to go to the person’s house?

This is a similar dilemma when it comes to getting respite. Again this has been one of the main barriers to why I took so long too availed of respite. I think again and say, what am I going to do, would David be cared for well, how are they going to know his routine.

Circumstance and life change and there are places we need to be and sometimes even in an emergency so let’s make sure you have a plan in place.

First of all, where and who will you leave your child with? When you have made your decision, ask the people concerned and see are they happy about this.

Secondly, explain this to your child and ask if they are happy and comfortable with the people you have chosen, you should see a glimpse of excitement in their faces, watch for this, if they are not happy with this arrangement ask, why? And what would they suggest, this is very important and listen to what they say, your child may only want to make sure they bring their favorite toy with them or for the person who is caring for them to be happy that they wear nappies in bed etc. don’t assume, ask.

Caring Diary

It may also be a little daunting for the carers. With this in mind I have created a “Caring Dairy” that you could fill in and have ready with all your child’s details on it, it makes life very easy for all concerned. Things such as bedtime routine, food allergies, medication, therapies, etc. It will keep your child in routine and make it easy on them as it’s like a little holiday and you can rest assured that all your child’s needs are met.

If you would like a copy of my new “Caring Diary” then please send an email to and I be delighted to send on a free copy to help you plan.

The last thing you need to do is relax and don’t forget to buy a load of raffle tickets to win that dream holiday!

Until next time,