Hello Parents,
Well, we all need a little cheering up during lockdown so let me tell you what my son has achieved during lockdown.

  • He set up a Tesco account and has his groceries delivered every second week.

  • He can find recipes, order any ingredients and makes the recipe, he loves making soup and can now even use a handheld blender himself (you must remember he has limited use of his right hand and is righthanded, I know.. don’t ask)

  • David has also been using Amazon for shopping and is so excited, he tracks all his deliveries!!!

  • He now can take off his clothes and bedsheets and put them into the laundry bin.

  • He can turn on the washing machine and dishwasher.

  • He tries his hardest to hoover while sitting down and is delighted with himself.

  • He is my new Alexa and tells me reminders, time, news and weather forecast.

  • He cleans the hob before he starts to cooks.

  • David can now have a wet shave himself (unbelievable).

  • He made his own zoom video call.

  • He FaceTime’s loads of people daily, including me at 7.00 am even though I’m in the next room (I promise I’m not going demented)

  • I had a procedure during lockdown and he took over the role to care for me and came into my room to look after me and make sure I was ok. Sat on the bed and rubbed my back and cared for me. (how lucky am I)

  • We also have a wonderful dog from the “dogs for the disabled” who can take off David’s socks, but David is amazing (and stubborn) he won’t let Inca do this now and he tells her that he can do it himself.

These and more are the new challenges David has taken on himself, he wanted to do them, his idea and has done his very best to achieve them.

Now, who’s a proud parent today!!