We might all be a little reserved about sending our children back to respite, even after they had their Covid vaccine. Now, as some of you have got a touch of David’s personality through the Workshops and his articles, you can probably guess he is very fussy. He absolutely refuses to go to one respite organisation near the city, however, he loves going to another in the county.

David and I received a call to offer respite; David had to think about this and whether all the places he likes to go would be opened. Also, during Covid, David had enjoyed staying at home.  He was not fussed to go anywhere as he was bossing us around all the time and getting everything he wanted, so why bother!

I tried to explain to David he might enjoy the time away, meeting his favourite people and seeing his favourite places again.

While David was considering this, the respite care organisation phoned me and explained the new Covid restrictions in place. I felt they had everything completely covered and could not find fault with them. David, at this stage, had received his first dose of the Covid vaccine.

So, after David had a good think about it, he decided he would go. He had a spotless clean new room and a shower all to himself. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all provided at a safe distance, the staff asked David what his favourite foods were, and they were all supplied for him! I’m thinking of going there myself!!

He still went on his day trips and around the town. The hotel he likes to go to for dinner was offering a take-out service, so he was happy about that. All in all, David had a lovely time, came back full of excitement and longing to tell us all about it.

I had updates from the Respite Centre daily with regards to David and feedback afterwards was excellent.

I feel the standard of service David had received was outstanding.

If you are thinking of your child going to respite, check out the new Covid procedures as much as you can, as I know, as a parent, you have to be completely confident sending your child. Weigh up the advantages and if any disadvantages also. Get to meet and chat with the staff and, most importantly, involve your child in the decision-making process as they too need to feel safe, secure and confident in what is happening in their lives.