When I phone parents to confirm their second appointment with Allan, sometimes a little panic sets in as parents haven’t completed all their tasks from their first meeting with Allan.

When I originally meet with Allan all those years ago to do my own trust planning for David, I had none of the tasks done, 6 months later, I still didn’t have them done. So, we came up with a solution. Every Wednesday I set aside some time to start or finish the most urgent task until eventually it was all completed.

Why don’t we have the tasks done?

  • Because we are extremely busy
  • Our children may need our attention more than other parents
  • There is a lot of tasks to be done and it seems huge
  • You don’t know where to start

Or maybe the real reason, it could bring up a lot of emotions for us and we don’t want to go there!!

Why does Allan give the tasks at all?

  • Allan has worked with parents of children with additional needs since 2008.
  • He cares about the future life of your child and your family.
  • We have seen and heard too many stories about parents who have passed away and now it’s too late to put the plans they intended for their child in place.
  • And for his sins, he works with me, who daily tells him the reality of being a parent of a child with additional needs.

So, I’m trying to say that yes, it’s challenging to do all the tasks. Break it down. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Stop stressing and every step done is a step in the right direction.

One thing I am sure of is when parents phone or email me to say it’s done and everything is completed for their son or daughter. They feel like a weight is lifted.

Allan, David, and I are here if you need us. If you still have an outstanding task or there is anything either of us can do to help, don’t hesitate to contact us.