The most important financial questions a parent of a child with special needs must answer YES to.

  1. Have you set up a trust and will for your child with special needs?
  2. Have you decided your child’s future living arrangements?
  3. Have you provided sufficient life cover for when you die?
  4. If you become ill long term have you a policy in place to provide you with an income?
  5. Have you a plan to financial support your child with special needs after your retirement?
  6. Have you a plan to be mortgage and debt free early enough so you can start a proper savings plan?
  7. Have you got someone to independently asses if you are claiming all your entitlement and allowances?
  8. Have you taken in to consideration your other family member’s financial needs?
  9. Have you got your personal finances set up as not to affect your child’s future entitlement to state assistance?

Special Needs Trust Plan

If you would like to be contacted to discuss the possibility of having a tailored special needs financial plan arranged for your family, then please email your details to info@financialwellbeing.ie or call our office on 021 482 3635

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