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A new year is upon us, and so we’re once again called upon to think about what we’d like to change about ourselves. As if we didn’t have enough on our plate, right? Adding the burden of new year’s resolutions and self-improvement seems kind of cruel. Yet we all know there are things we could be doing better, and bad things we could be doing less.

You’ve probably used the parenting strategy of breaking down big goals into small steps for your child. Why not do the same for yourself? No need to reach perfection immediately in the new year. We’ll get there. Use this guide to knock your lofty goals for 2017 down to a size you can absolutely manage.


Lofty goal #1: I will be a better advocate for my child.
Realistic resolution: I will read my child’s IEP all the way through before I sign it.

Lofty goal #2: I will stay on top of my child’s academics.
Realistic resolution: I will make it through one homework session without crying.

Lofty goal #3: I will work with teachers, administrators, and therapists to reduce my child’s disruptive behaviors.
Realistic resolution: I’ll stop saying angry things that my child repeats and gets in trouble for.

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