Instead of doing a New Year’s resolutions list of things to give up or lose weight or cut back on things. Why not just make a list of cool stuff to do and enjoy. Being a Carer can be tough so why not just do something you always wanted to do.

We always forget to think of ourselves and put everyone else first. Remember to put your own oxygen mask on first or even better why not put on a laughing gas mask instead and have a bit of enjoyment.

You are not being selfish and actually doing everyone a favour, because if you feel good everything will run a little bit smoother.

As Carers, all we seem to do is worry, what if, hope they won’t fall ill and worrying doesn’t change anything.

So if you wanted to learn salsa, do it, walk on a beach, go hill walking, whatever it is just do it as 2019 will fly by just like 2018 did.

Ok, I understand you’re busy, you have lots of appointments to keep. I know you will keep the appointments for your child, now book some appointments for yourself and make it a priority.

At the end of the day, this is your life. You only get one shot to make it the very best, don’t depend on anyone to do it for you, start yourself. We as Carers are ridicules when it comes to looking after ourselves and it has to stop.

Very few of us can do things on our own we all need help so if you have to tell someone your goals do it as accountability is great, let someone know how you are getting on.

As a Carer give yourself that gift of “something you always wanted to do and do it.”

My email is send me your cool ideas and let’s do this together.