1. Plan your events well in advance
  2. Don’t overspend when you go shopping, the shops will stay open however always buy extra batteries
  3. Make shopping lists and try and stick with them.
  4. Plan a family day for putting up the Christmas Tree.
  5. Write your letters to Santa well in advance (once it’s written you can’t change it).
  6. If you plan on going Christmas shopping make sure you arrive early to get parking.
  7. If anyone has a dog in their house who would eat mince pies. I would recommend that you keep all mince pies away from dogs.
  8. Check your TV guide and see what programs are on (if possible make one day a family movie day.
  9. Wrap up well when going outside
  10. Listen to your local radio station for live updates
  11. Check the RTÉ news well in advance.
  12. Make sure that you track Santa on Christmas Eve.


David Crowley
Financial Wellbeing