“How do you spell love to a child?”  

Spending time with your child over the Christmas holidays is so important. One parent said to me “do you think my child will remember that I always had the house spotless, clothes ironed to perfection, or will they remember that I spent time reading a story to them?” I don’t think it needed an answer.

I understand it can be difficult at times as we all seem to be very busy, so I have a few of my tips below for you to look at.

It is also important to remember that whatever upsets your child now, in everyday living won’t change because it’s Christmas.

  1. I found these tips helped me at times
  2. What triggered the outburst
  3. What happened

What could I do different the next time.

Remember you’re the adult, and maybe the child finds it hard to adapt so it maybe you who has to change. (I had to do it with my son and it worked)

12 tips for Christmas


Plan, plan, plan. Even if it’s going to a pyjamas day, plan it. Most children love to know what’s happening next. What’s happing tomorrow? And if we as parents don’t know, how can the children. Most children like organisation, it also means that they do not say at the end of the holidays (we did nothing!)

  • Even plan activities as in the following:
  • Making cookies
  • Getting the house ready for Santa
  • Helping mum/day with the cooking preparations
  • A drive to the beach or wood.
  • A few hours  shopping
  • Wrapping presents
  • Writing cards
  • Visiting relations
  • A drive to see all the Christmas lights
  1. In my house we all check the RTE guide and circle the movies we want to see and book that T.V time, if possible make one day a family movie day.
  2. Make shopping Lists (and try to stick with them)
  3. Try to have everything done before your child has their school holidays, as it’s harder to fit things in when the school holidays has begun.
  4. One of my favourite things to do is to have a coffee morning with my friends on the last day the kids are in school before Christmas, it’s just fun time.
  5. Plan to have a baby sitter come to your house so you can get your hair/nails done or go for a walk for a few hours peace to yourself over the holidays. (Go on, your allowed, even the dads to go to a match or something else (I did not suggest the pub.. well!))
  6. Write the letters to Santa well in advance and posted. Once it’s written you can’t change it.
  7. Book at least one night out with your partner and book the babysitter well in advance, also (very important) ask your partner to mind the children so you can watch “Michael Bubble Christmas Special”, has to be done.
  8. Don’t buy too much food, the shops will open again, however always buy extra batteries.
  9. Make sure all toys work in advance
  10. Plan a family day for putting up the Christmas tree.
  11. Laugh lots, drink reasonability, eat good food, be with great family and friends and let the festive season begin.


Till next year, Dolores xxx